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Bartlett Commodities

Bartlett Commodities is a leading Australian Market specialist trading in
import/export of quality tunameals, fishmeals and other commodities
to the domestic and international markets

With over 30 years industry experience we pride ourselves to consistently deliver a higher quality premium tunameals, fishmeals and other commodities which are

  • Salmonella Free
  • Guaranteed Protein Levels
  • Delivered on Time

Our family business believe in the delivery of our products in a transparent, honest and authentic way.

Our reputation is based on the family values including

  • Trust
  • Open transparent communication
  • Delivery of exactly what you require including best estimate receiving times

About the Business

Brian Bartlett AM established Bartlett Grain in 1966, He successfully led representations to government to abolish restrictions on the export of meat meal. Brian also led negotiations with shipping companies to introduce competitive and uniform shipping rates.

In 2004 Brian was inducted as a member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his work on the development of grain export markets, services to the Australian Renderers Association and support of nutritional research.

Jackie Bartlett has worked in the family business since the age of 15 and now operates her own business continuing in the family tradition of her father to deliver and expand into the domestic and international market.

IFFO Non Producer Membership

Non Producer Membership IFFO (International fishmeal and fish oil organisation). Marine ingredients are nutritious products used mainly for aquafeed, land animal feed as well as for human consumption and are derived from marine organisms such as fish, krill, shellfish and algae. IFFO’s members reside in more than 50 countries, account for over 60% of world production and 80% of fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. IFFO is an accredited Observer to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

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